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About Us

About Us | Salon Upscale - Killeen, TX

At Salon Upscale you will enjoy a visit with us, not only because we hope that you walk out looking superb, but also because as you walk in, you will find smiling faces. All of us on our team enjoy what we do and we don’t walk into work wanting to walk out first thing.

We love creating our version of art and beautifying you at the same time. We take pleasure in creating a new look that makes you say “wow.” As a team of experts and experienced individuals, we understand styles, face structures, and hair types. We have had a variety of clients over the years who know that they can trust us to give them the hair treatment that they want and that they’ll be happy with.

We have gained popularity in Killeen, TX as a place where people can go no matter what style or nature their hair may be and where they can remain confident they can get the haircut, hair color, or treatment that they want and have it turn out amazing. If you want a style that you are nervous about, you can trust us to do it right! Contact us now!