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Hair Extensions | Salon Upscale

We have all done it. Most us have grown out our hair and then in one drastic move have decided to chop it all off. We love our new hairdo for a moment...

Chemical Hair Services | Salon Upscale

Salon Upscale provides our clients in Killeen, TX with the professional care and treatment needed when receiving chemical hair services. Maybe...

Precision Cuts | Salon Upscale

For anyone looking for a great haircut, there’s Salon Upscale. We don’t skimp on our skills and for any clients coming in for precision cuts, we give...

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Are you searching for a new haircut that will look great on you? Do you want to make your hair look longer, thicker, or straighter? Whatever kind of look you are going for, we can help you to get the hair that you have always wanted.

At Salon Upscale we have a team that is as artistic as we are professional. We consider our work art and we strive to provide each client with what they expect in a visit to the salon. Precision haircuts, relaxers, extensions, treatments, sew-ins, and quick weaves are all part of what we do for women’s hair at Salon Upscale.

Whether you have naturally straight hair or have unruly curly hair, we can work with all kinds of types of hair to create a stunning outcome. As experts in the salon industry, we can give you a cutting edge hairstyle that is trendy or we can add extensions and make your hair look long and radiant.

At Salon Upscale we enjoy helping our clients feel beautiful and maximize their full potential. We don’t hold back on giving our clients the best treatment and haircuts possible. Salon Upscale is fast becoming a leading salon in Killeen, TX. If you are in the mood for a new look or to accentuate the positive in your hair, then come on by today!